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Tired of Untidy Work Spaces that Crush Productivity, Make Workers Unhappy and Unhealthy, Trigger Allergies, and Turn Off Customers, Patients or Visitors?

Our Janitorial and Office Cleaning Services may be exactly what you’ve been searching for...

Professional Janitorial Services

There’s no such thing as a high-performing company operating from a dirty space. 


As a matter of fact— the same applies to any working space, whether you’re running a professional office, school, medical care facility, bank, or even a daycare.


By nature, performance —especially in the business world— requires a focused, energized, and clear state of mind. 


The kind of mindset that doesn’t mesh well with a cluttered, messy, or dirty environment. 


You’ve probably experienced this yourself — that’s likely a big part of why you’re searching for Commercial Cleaning Services. 

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You’ve had weeks of perfect flow, where every decision was simple, every project was handled quickly and precisely, and every person who walked into your building, classroom, or lobby was in the best mood.


Perfectly at ease in your establishment…


And you’ve also had the opposite…


You’ve had the weeks where your best employees just couldn’t get it together. 


Or they spent most of their time bickering instead of staying on task to make the company and everyone around them more prosperous.


Your students would spend most of class disrupting, instead of focusing.


Worst of all, you’ve had prospects who were ready to commit come away from your office with a sour taste in their mouths— costing you the sales entirely. 


With The Watson Housekeeping Group’s Janitorial services, you’ll never need to worry about a messy office again.

Commercial cleaning is about more than keeping an office together or tidy

It’s a necessary part of creating the right atmosphere for high performance.


Janitorial Services

Discover the difference between a truly clean and healthy workspace with The Watson Housekeeping Group's top-tier janitorial services. Our meticulous approach ensures every room is left spotless, top to bottom, creating an environment that promotes well-being.

Our highly-trained professionals are well-versed in cutting-edge cleaning techniques and equipped with the latest tools.


Office Cleaning

From small offices to large corporations, our services cater to businesses of all sizes. A clean and tidy office not only makes a positive first impression but also boosts employee morale. As a trusted name in commercial cleaning across Washington, D.C., Maryland, and Northern Virginia, The Watson Housekeeping Group guarantees superior cleaning and exceptional customer service.


Facilities Management

Discover a comprehensive suite of services tailored to uphold the maintenance of your building. The Watson Housekeeping Group specializes in ensuring the cleanliness and seamless operation of your facilities. Simplify your operations and enhance efficiency with our top-notch facility management services. We cater to multi-site and growth-focused businesses, making us your ideal partner.

We’re in a world that’s more distracted than ever, and the last thing you or your employees need right now is an air of untidiness that compromises their focus.


But cleaning goes even further than staying focused or facilitating performance.


It’s a tool that applies in a wide range of environments, all with a similar effect.


Cleaner hospitals see more patients and better outcomes (for both physical and psychological reasons).


Clean classrooms and offices make focus easier to attain. 


Clean banks instill trust in visitors and make them feel comfortable handling their transactions. 


Which is why we go above and beyond to focus on every single detail.


Atmosphere comes from far more than tidied countertops and dusted window sills.


Atmosphere is the result of diligent focus on:


  • Genuine cleanliness that leaves surfaces so Clean You Could Eat Off Them

    We’ve equipped our personnel with the latest in cleaning tools and chemical technology. This way, we ensure that you get the most thorough clean possible, instead of a surface-level effort that merely looks clean.


  • Say Goodbye to Allergies and Other Focus-Breaking Cleanliness issues

    We take pride in our work being a source of comfort to you and your employees. No more itching, or sneeze attacks while we’re around!


  • An Extra Eye for Organization that Brings a Space Together

    We’re not just here to scrub surfaces for dust, bacteria, mold, and viruses— We’re here to tie things together. Of course, we’re not interior decorators, but by the time we’re done with a space the change in atmosphere will be tangible.


A Focus on Every Single Element of Cleanliness— No Matter How Small

The small details are where the battles we fight are won and we intend to win on every single front. We scour every nook and cranny of your office to make sure we stop any issues at the source.

Are you ready to bring a new atmosphere of unrivaled cleanliness and productivity to your office?


Do you want the best commercial cleaning services in the DMV?

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